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getting property ready for rent

Getting your property ready for rent

Owners of real estate often overlook the importance of getting property ready for rent. But, in fact, it is a crucial step that can greatly impact the rental price and the ease of finding renters. Imagine yourself for a moment, in the place of tenants. Would you also like to spend your holidays in a…

Taxes in the Dominican Republic

Taxes on Real Estate in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a popular destination for tourists and expatriates alike due to its beautiful beaches, sunny climate and friendly people. Many people also choose to buy property in the country to have a second holiday home or permanent residence. If you are considering buying property in the Dominican Republic, it is important to…

Vista Cana district

Vista Cana district

Vista Cana district is designed to be a smart city with a mix that will include well-developed infrastructure and places for recreation and other amenities. These include an executive golf course, natural trail, parks, playgrounds, dog park, a sport complex, and a man-made lake with a beach for swimming, fishing, and other activities. Everything offers…

Traveling through the Dominican Republic

Traveling through the Dominican Republic

Traveling through the Dominican Republic, it’s not just vivid experiences and beautiful photos. First of all, it is acquaintance with the country and its inhabitants. After all, the Dominican Republic is so different and despite the fact that the country is located on a small island, it is quite large. The area of ​ ​…

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